Stampede Media is a full-service ad network, and our business revolves around keeping our advertisers happy. There are many options for buyers to spend their ad dollars, and we strive to be one of the best. At the heart of every ad buyer’s goals are the needs to spend ad dollars wisely, fill budgets, and maintain solid advertising performance. Stampede Media offers tools and strategies to help with these demands.

Spend Wisely

There are many ad networks and publishers who will be happy to take a buyer’s money and deliver impressions in return. Stampede Media goes further with our service, and provides our advertisers with in-depth stats and reporting so that they are able to track campaign and spending performance over the short and long term. Our inventory platform helps to assess and cater to each buyers needs. We stay in constant contact to inform advertisers of new sites we bring into our network, new opportunities, and new channels for revenue.

Fill Budgets

Spending wisely is the most important metric when it comes to ROI, but being able to meet spending requirements is, at times, a concern for ad buyers. Stampede Media works with many partners and has access to all major marketplaces. Our integrations can provide reach to the vast majority of the world's online digital inventory. Configuring a campaign to run smart and efficiently is the first step, but the second step is to ensure that spending needs are met, so that budgets can be analyzed and, hopefully, increased.

Maintain Performance

Web traffic is in a constant state of flux. Visitors to publisher sites vary by day, by hour, and by minute. Changes in search listings can turn a small site into a large one, and vice versa. Publisher marketing campaigns can flood sites with traffic. All of these things need to be taken into account when working with an advertiser account. Stampede Media delivers real-time reporting and consulting on all of our advertiser accounts, alerting an advertiser to new channels for spending, or notifying them when certain sites or publishers may be showing a decrease in productivity. The numbers of different metrics for tracking ad spend performance are as large as an ad buyer’s imagination.

More Features

High Tech Ad Platform

Our ad platform allows an advertiser to seek out specific publishers for fixed ad spots, or simply put their needs out to the marketplace to find suitable inventory . We offer a “variable floor” structure where our advertisers will be placed on the websites that meet their criteria and provide the lowest price, allowing for more bang for the buck. Our system intelligently decides on the best sites for advertising, serves the ads in real time, and tracks productivity across our entire network to enable further analysis and optimization.


Stampede Media has extensive experience utilizing customer tracking data from publisher websites to target its clients. A customer who has visited an advertiser’s site whether to order products or browse, can now be leveraged into a repeat customer by showing ads on popular sites they visit. Tracking cookies and pixels allow Stampede Media to follow a customer’s path around the Web, ensuring that ads are placed in the best possible way. Stampede Media, through its large publisher network, can also retarget customers who visited sites similar to the advertiser’s, pinpointing their interests and taking advantage of this relevant info. We track many layers of customer data including purchase history, sites visited, and pages viewed. All of these allow us to set tiers to better benefit our advertisers.

Reporting Tools

Our real-time stats system allows advertisers to see exactly which sites theirs ads appear on, filter for certain types of desirable or undesirable content, and monitor spend and growth as the campaign runs. We offer custom reports via web, e-mail, or API, allowing ad buyers to have access to their campaign performance at any time.

Wide Product Diversity

Whether you are a buyer for a large brand seeking to draw eyeballs to your products, a smaller advertiser looking to generate sales leads, a social or media site needing visitors to boost revenue, Stampede Media has a solution that will fit your needs. We support all industries and verticals seeking to advertise online, and would love to speak to you about starting up a relationship. Contact one of our campaign managers today, and find out what we can do to service you.