Maximize CPM

Stampede Media uses a ‘variable floor’ system that ensures you maximize your yield as a publisher. Using our platform, publishers can exert upward pressure on the market by selling across many demand partners, seeking the highest price, rather than setting tiers and settling for lower advertising dollars. Additionally, unlike many ad networks who disguise direct advertiser deals across their software, Stampede Media will negotiate direct advertiser placement on behalf of our publishers, and put the money in their pockets. With Stampede Media, publishers know what their traffic is worth, and what advertisers are actually paying for it. We believe that the more money our publishers make, the more money we make, so there is a positive incentive to increase publisher earnings, knowing that they will turn it around into more traffic to their sites.

Optimize Ad Placement

Stampede Media’s staff of campaign managers will advise publishers where to place ads for maximum effectiveness. Using our years of experience and internal metrics, we can assist our publishers in turning page whitespace into revenue-producing ad placements. We work across all online platforms, and have access to many different types of advertising, all with our publishers in mind.

Increase Fill Percentage

A publisher is constantly working to make sure that all ad impressions in a given ad spot are being bought. Remnant ad impressions don’t do anyone any good. That is why Stampede Media works to set up publishers with direct advertising placements, guaranteeing certain fill percentages based on volume. A network is good, and they are standard across the industry, but ideally we prefer that our publishers settle on a direct price they are happy with, knowing that they can estimate their earnings and expand their business based on a guaranteed fill. If Stampede Media can’t negotiate direct deals for all of a publisher’s ad spots, we work hard to ensure that through our network and other deals we achieve the highest fill percentage possible for our publishers.

Access New Buying Channels

Stampede Media works with all major advertising platforms to reach the largest number of sources on behalf of our publishers. We deal directly with ad buyers and agencies, and place our publishers in direct deals to increase revenue and improve fill. Using collective bargaining power, Stampede Media increases fill and impression earnings across our entire network, using the power large publishers bring to raise yield for smaller publishers as well. In addition to standard advertising deals, Stampede Media works with publishers to increase revenue through retargeting, opening their publishers up to untapped sources of cash by selling highly targeted impressions on network sites, for higher ad rates.

Leverage Technology

Publishers gain access to both a sophisticated ad serving platform, and a trained staff of client managers and ad specialists who can maximize revenue by expanding access to additional marketplaces via software. Advertising has become highly sophisticated, and it makes sense for publishers to utilize it as much as possible. Additional revenue sources such as contextual ads, retargeting ads, and much more are available to Stampede Media publishers, who can consult at any time with a campaign manager to discuss ways they can get the most out of each visitor.

Retain Creative Control

For a publisher who has spent months or years working hard building up a visitor base, the last thing they want to see is a banner farm spring up where their hard work once was. We allow publishers to carefully customize the types of advertisers they feel comfortable displaying, and do not pressure publishers to put ads in certain places. Our client managers lay out the facts and options, and the publisher has the final say in matters. We are a partner in a publisher’s business, and we believe collaboration is the best approach to success.