Stampede Media utilizes a sophisticated ad optimization platform to deliver the best results to advertisers and publishers alike. The current online ad market is heavily technology driven, and those who stay on the cutting edge will benefit the most from emerging practices. Early adopters in advertising can cash in big on new methods, and we at Stampede Media strive to stay on top of the latest trends in order to pass this knowledge along to our clients.

Variable Floor

As with many ad networks, the bulk of our client traffic will go through the marketplaces we are integrated with. Rather than employing a tier structure or ‘hard’ floor on our platform, Stampede Media uses a variable floor that constantly analyzes market prices to take advantage of fluctuations. Whether it is time of day, type of advertiser, or available volume, Stampede Media’s software will optimize inventory and demand for publishers and advertisers to ensure that everyone makes the most money possible.

Detailed Reports

At the heart of every good publisher or advertiser are specialists who can read and interpret the data, and adjust their business plans accordingly. Stampede Media offers a rich reporting tool that allows for real-time viewing, analysis, and downloadable files to be analyzed in other programs. Many ad networks force publishers or advertisers to wade through a large amount of generally useless data. We cut directly to the chase – how much did you make or spend, where, how, and when?


Retargeting is yet another way that Stampede Media enables publishers and advertisers to take advantage of detailed customer data. We support retargeting across all of our marketplaces. Make the most of people who visit your site, or the sites of our publishers. Track people as they visit various sites, and target those which perform the best for your ad campaigns with our performance tracking. Retargeting is yet another monetization channel that all our clients can take advantage of.

Content Filtering

Important to every brand and website is integrity of content. We allow filtering for all niches and content types, and we block illegal content with our filters.

Fraud Management

No one wants to pay for unproductive traffic. Our risk team analyzes performance statistics, and our software utilizes popular fraud detection tools to ensure that advertisers and publishers do not fault victim to fraudulent traffic sources.

Platform Integration

Stampede Media is integrated with all major platforms and marketplaces. If you currently work with advertisers or publishers on other platforms, simply ask us whether we support it, and it is virtually guaranteed that the answer will be yes.